Change is inevitable and those who are resistant to change will perish from the industry. In today's world it becomes difficult to reach the target customer, be it B2B or B2C, through the traditional business channels. Hence it becomes the primary requirement for any organization to innovate the models to reach their customer's expectation to be successful in the market.

As commonly mentioned there are Four Epicenters of Business Model Innovations- Resource-Driven, Offer-Driven, Customer-Driven, Finance-Driven. Sarathee Identifies the source of need or spark for the innovation from the clients and delivers an effective business model.

At Sarathee we believe in innovation! Our critical thinking and analytical abilities gives an added advantage to support our clients with new business models based on detailed analysis to make our clients stay fit and healthy to deal with the dynamic changes that happen in the internal and external business environment.

Sarathee's goal here is not to predict the future, but rather to imagine possible futures in concrete details.

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"The more you drive positive change; the more enhanced your business model".
- Anand Gopal Mahindra is the Chairman of Mahindra Group, India